Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

A few weeks ago, I was in a training class in GPSTC and I learned one thing… EVERYONE IS HIRING! I feel like this is a state of emergency!

Police departments are trying their best to recruit new officers, but they hire 5 recruits, only to have 10 veteran officers resign/retire/swap to another Agency.  I’m not that good with math, but the numbers are not adding up to increase the staffing levels and the morale of the Officers that are still coming to work and doing the job. 

Then couple that with police departments “on the active search” for Certified Officers from other Police Agencies promising better pay and benefits. I was driving in my City and noticed a big bill board near the interstate of another Police Agency trying to recruit certified officers; with a starting pay of $10,000 higher than my salary. This tactic is forcing Agencies to increase their salaries so they can keep the Officers they have.

I’m now going to narrow this down to the local area where I work (it is probably similar to where you work).  I work for a City Police Department that should have approximately 100 Officers at full staff, we currently have over 15 openings.  We recently got a substantial raise (which was very nice), only to have the County Sheriff’s Office and other City Police Departments increase their salaries above our pay.  So the mindset of “If I have to do this job, I am going where I can make more money” is in full effect in 2022 and Officers are still leaving.

But the real issue is “Why are Officers leaving Law Enforcement?” (Not in any particular order)

Police are not being compensated enough for the risk that they take daily. Officers are leaving Law Enforcement for higher paying jobs in the private sector.

Doing a high-risk job with zero room for error, and the demonizing portrayal of the police by the media.

Millennials’ lack of interest in police work could also be a reason for the recruitment issues.

Fewer police officers on the street puts stress on the entire police force that remain and require them to work more hours, log more calls, deal with more incidents, and do more reports; This is causing Officers to get tired and burned out; which ultimately affects officer safety.

There is a growing job market with positions where men and women don’t have to risk their lives is also a reason for lowered interest in police work.

One thing we can all agree on, when there is a police shortage of this magnitude, it puts our community at risk.

In closing, for those who are still doing the job and holding the line… We need you and we appreciate you, Keep up the good fight Brothers and Sisters!

Stay Safe!