Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Active Shooter Response

I have personally decided that the threats faced by my generation of police officers require that I always be armed and personally committed to furiously train to protect those who can’t protect themselves in their moment of desperate need.

If I am ever faced with an in-progress active shooter/killer and I can make a difference, I will use my superior attitude, superior training, superior tactics and superior weapon (superior because it is in my trained hands) to become an army of one!

Out of my love for humanity I will enter that environment like a hate-seeking missile and use the chaos created by the killer(s) as a distractive device. I will move unheard and unseen by the killer(s) to a position of advantage. Once there – if left with no other options and presented with the opportunity to stop the killing – I will take the shot and make the shot. I am the protector of the flock; the honorable sheepdog.


Whether you take the pledge or not, prepare brothers and sisters, for your moment may be at hand.