Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, any person purchasing or acquiring a vehicle shall register and obtain, or transfer, a license plate to operate such vehicle from the county tag agent in their county of residence no later than seven business days after the date of purchase or acquisition of the vehicle by presenting to the county tag agent the following: (1) A motor vehicle certificate of title as provided in Chapter 3 of this title; (2) Satisfactory proof of owner’s insurance coverage as provided for in subsection (d) of Code Section 40-2- 26; (3) If applicable, satisfactory proof of compliance with the Article 2 of Chapter 9 of Title 12, the Georgia Motor Vehicle Emission Inspection and Maintenance Act; and (4) Satisfactory proof that all fees, permits, and taxes have been paid.

(b) An application for registration shall be accompanied by check; cash; certified or cashier’s check; bank, postal, or express money order; or other similar bankable paper for the amount of the license plate or temporary permit fee or any taxes required by law.

(c) A person unable to fully comply with the requirements of subsection (a) of this Code section shall register such vehicle and receive a temporary operating permit that will be valid until the end of the initial registration period as provided for in paragraph (.1) of subsection (a) of Code Section 40-2-21.1 The commissioner may provide by rule or regulation for one 30 day extension of such initial registration period which may be granted by the county tag agent if the transferor has not provided such purchaser or other transferee owner with a title to the motor vehicle more than five business days prior to the expiration of such initial registration period. The county tag agent shall grant an extension of the initial registration period when the transferor, purchaser, or transferee can demonstrate by affidavit in a form provided by the commissioner that title has not been provided to the purchaser or transferee due to the failure of a security interest holder or lienholder to timely release a security interest or lien in accordance with Code Section 40-3-56.

(d) A conviction for displaying a license plate or temporary license plate not provided for in this chapter shall be punished as a misdemeanor.

Note: Pursuant to section 40-2-21 paragraph (a)(.1), Initial registration period means the 30 day period immediately following the date of purchase or other acquisition of a new or used motor vehicle, including tractors and motorcycles, or trailer.