Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

It’s hard to get to the gym regardless of shift, but you can easily build exercise into your daily routine.

It can be hard to regularly get to the gym, so here are some hacks to easily build fitness and exercise into your day:

  • Upon waking, drink a glass of water. You could even try some quality salt for electrolytes.
  • Immediately start easing into your day with light movement – foam roll, stretch, do a few push-ups. EVEN if you do NOTHING else, you did way more than your average person on an average day. I usually do bodyweight squats to loosen up while the coffee is brewing.
  • Getting your steps offers huge health benefits. Walk during your lunch breaks. Quit the elevator, take the stairs. 
  • Stick a weight or band by your desk or workstation. Make a rule that every time you leave the room, you do 5-10 reps of something. Maybe Mondays it’s kettlebell squats. Tuesday could be rows. Maybe Wednesdays are swinging days. You get the drift.
  • You don’t have to huff, puff, grind or sweat to be effective. You can go slow and controlled, work on nasal breathing and work muscles, rev up your metabolism. Every bit truly helps. Grease that groove!
  • This will also improve your inevitably hunching posture at a desk or in a car all day/night.